The Woman

Artist Book
5,5 x 8,5in
130 pages - 200 copies
Printed in Mexico - 2021
This project is a compilation of various books of notes, thoughts, and ideas from the multidisciplinary artist Sebastian Silva. From an initial edition made by him and a group of his friends and collaborators, we defined categories (chapters) to navigate the content. I also suggested the idea of using images that act as metadata and reveal the visual world that the artist has been focused on or influenced by. The book is divided into English and Spanish languages, both treated with the same hierarchy which reflects Sebastian's experience. Sometimes poems are in both languages, sometimes only in one. The translations do not always work or feel natural, so they are  left blank. These spaces are sometimes filled with the collection of images that reflect Sebastian's imaginary. The idea of the autobiography comes as a way of not needing to explain what the book is, it just presents the artist's world and personal story. At the end of it there is an index of all the images that were taken from the internet to cite them, and also to showcase another layer of information because in many cases it explains what the images are or show the places where they come from.